Assure6™ Solutions

With the worldwide exhaustion in the pool of new IPv4 addresses, the Obama Administration mandated by 2012, all public facing servers and services must use native IPv6 and by 2014 all internal applications communicating with public Internet servers must also move. To assist in this transition, Salient successfully developed and deployed Assure6 – the first cyber security policy manager to detect and block malicious attacks.

Assure6 is the most trusted intrusion prevention and detection system that safeguards IPv6 traffic. While many cyber security vendors are bolting on support for IPv6 to their existing products, the amount of IPv6 vulnerabilities they can detect are limited. There are significant differences between IPv4 and IPv6 protocols exposing new threats that most IPv4-centric devices cannot identify. Assure6 is built from the ground up to safeguard IPv6 traffic.

Assure6 is the only platform providing the level of protection necessary to safely deploy or block IPv6 traffic in your network.

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