Appix Financial Services

Drawing upon our deep, abiding, and expansive knowledge of fixed income operations – with an emphasis on Mortgage Backed Securities – Salient Commercial Solutions created the Appix Financial Services Platform. The Appix Platform is made up of three products – Appix Mortgage, Appix Cash, and Appix Securities. These products provide increased operational efficiency and advanced portfolio management for both the buy and sell sides of the market. With the Appix Financial Services Platform, Salient Commercial Solutions can transform your operational performance and deliver bottom-line results for your business.

The Appix Financial Services Platform includes:

  • Appix Mortgage
    Automate MBS Pool Allocations for Maximum Returns, Minimal Fireworks

    Appix Mortgage helps you manage and settle mortgage-backed securities inventory resulting in maximized portfolio gains, the elimination of fails, and reduced settlement costs. It can completely automate TBA allocations, EPN activity, and the electronic pool substitution process while providing your back office team with innovative methods for filtering and retaining the most valuable pools.
  • Appix Cash
    The Leading Industry Solution for Cash Settlements and Management

    Appix Cash is a dynamic cash management and cash wire settlement system for wire desks, treasury operations, and capital market back offices. Appix Cash integrates with upstream and downstream systems to automate workflow while providing custom approval mechanisms to fully satisfy corporate governance and audit requirements.
  • Appix Securities
    Automate Back Office Operations and Take Control of Settlement Day

    Appix Securities is a complete fixed-income securities settlement solution for capital market back offices. It enables real-time, continuous settlement, exception queues, fails tracking, intra-day balances, and end-of-day depository reconciliation with the DTCC, Federal Reserve Bank, and major clearing institutions.

Our specialized applications deliver true capabilities upgrades. We harness unmatched industry expertise, savvy technical competence, and multiple points of reference to bring clarity to the most complex business challenges.

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