Agility as a Service℠

Agile as a Serivce

Agile as a Service (AaaS) is transformative.  It provides organizations the capability to manage frequently changing requirements and environments. Using an Agile methodology quicker time-to-market, superior product quality and typically achieves lower costs. . Salient’s AaaS integrates enterprise scalable Agile development with disciplined high-quality delivery, and a unique flexible workforce solution.

AaaS is based on three components:

  • Enterprise Scalability: Agile Development using Salient’s Scaled Agile Framework
  • Disciplined Agility: Agile Processes combined with CMMI level 3 practices
  • Agile Workforce: Using our talent search engine and a formalized framework allows us to deliver Agile talent anytime, anywhere

AaaS benefits include:

  • Dramatically reduces costs via up-front risk management
  • Diminishes need for rework, even when compared to traditional Agile methods.
  • Decreases overlap between development teams and across the enterprise
  • Increases coordination with mission, business strategy and enterprise architecture.
  • Implementation of market recognized quality framework adds business value without losing flexibility and end-user intimacy
  • Provision of metrics allows executives to make educated cost management decisions
  • No ‘standing armies’: on demand staffing to spin up/spin down teams and insert niche skills

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