Agile Center of Excellence

Agile Center of Excellence

Our Agile expertise is built on proven best practices. We understand how to develop software in the real world. We are part of the greater Agile community and understand complex topics from Lean thinking to DevOps yet more importantly, we have implemented solutions and proven our worth with several clients.

Salient’s Agile Center of Excellence (ACoE) combines employees and projects into a single virtual organization. The ACoE provides oversight, communities of practice, and education for our Agile Practitioners. Salient employees have access to success and challenges across Salient’s entire portfolio, including practices and tools. Our customers receive a consultative approach combined with practical real world experience. This experience allows the ACoE to challenges on-site Agile teams leveraging the totality of Salient’s knowledge and experience.

 Agility as a Service℠ (AaaS℠)

Through the ACoE, Salient uses its tried and proven transformative Agility as a Service℠ (AaaS) solution. AaaS combines our Agile development expertise, Agile Workforce CMMI quality practices, and Agile Workforce capabilities with our Talent Operations Center to create and execute a single client-focused solution. AaaS is delivered to the edge by our Agility as a Station™ (AaaStation™) platform. This allows our Agilist’s to access our Agile process library, tool kits (Rational, HP, Rally, Version One, Jira, and more), and the Salient Agile community.

Within AaaStation, our process library provides our teams a common language, templates, and processes to reduce the learning curve and deliver project success quicker. The ACoE sponsored flexible and agile CMMI L3 process library is continuously updated and improved to ensure we use current best practices.

One of the key components of AaaStation is the interactive community managed by the ACoE. Our Community wiki is filled with proven methods, tool mentors, training information, and Agile outreach programs. The ACoE’s wiki provides our professionals the vast support of all Salient employees on our site or the customers with a robust BYOD (bring your own device) implementation. The blogs, tweets, and Agile speaking engagements allow us to push ideas to the greater Agile community and learn new techniques to continuously improve Salient’s practices.

Training and Programs

ACoE provides internal training and programs to our professionals. Some of the most popular classes and programs include:

  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Certified Product Owner
  • Marble Run Challenge
  • Agility in 40 days
  • Advance Techniques for Scrum Masters
  • Business Discovery for Product Owners
  • Enterprise Agile

Insight vs. Oversight

While most PMO groups follow an Oversight model to compliance, ACoE follows an Insight model. The ACoE reviews all Agile projects on a continual basis to ensure our teams are able to deliver projects quickly and accurately. ACoE is just one way Salient ensures that teams deliver quality work to our customers.

Agile Evolution

Evolutionary Path-websize

Salient knows every organization is different and there is no recipe for change. Let us help you evolve your organization at a rate, that will provide value, not disruption, to your current deliveries.

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